Tuesday, August 03, 2010

quit whining and go buy some stocks!

Great post from some guy calling himself "Baruch" on the awesomeness of equities.

Some blurbs:

Equities...are the asset class of the future. This anti-equities movement, led by jealous journalists and winking, cackling bond apologists with axes to grind, needs to be nipped in the bud, as it is dead wrong.


Right now, equity investors are being offered a win:don’t lose very much proposition. A double dip, the great fear of the equity markets, is at least partially priced in here, and the upside if we don’t double dip looks very good indeed. It’s a great moment for stocks.

Me and Mungo differ here. As I understand it, he's out of the market, while I am still buying.


Mungowitz said...

I got back in in April of 2009. And have been buying since. Up to about 60% of assets in stocks now.

Angus said...

Ah. so we are in agreement. good move!