Sunday, December 30, 2007

Firepower for the Holidays

At the Mungowitz house, we have a saying. "Nothing says 'love' during the holidays like a Soviet assault rifle." Well, it's not a saying, exactly, but I said it a lot until my wife told me to shut up. My younger son got a nice AK for xmas, and we have tracked down some cheap Wolf (Russian-made) 7.62x39 ammo.

Same son "set the table" for christmas. Note the nice table cloth. (We got into some trouble for this. My wife was not amused. Didn't care about the guns. But getting gun oil on the table cloth might have made her pick up one of the guns and whip me with it!)

Then, we went down to the property in Chatham and tried two experiments. Experiment the first: Does an apple have sufficient mass to cause a hollow point 9mm bullet to burst? The apple:

The result: Absolutely. A not inconsiderable hole in paper target. Ouch. Shards sprayed out from bullet nicely. That would leave a mark, I think.

Experiment the second: What happens if you shoot a computer monitor with a 9mm hollow point from short range (10 yards)? We thought that this was worth a movie....

Then, a bonus: If you have a shotgun, and a CRT...well, you know.


Angus said...

Great stuff!! BTW, where can u buy hollow point bullets. I thought they were banned? I need some for my Sig.

Mungowitz said...

In NC, at least, they are called "Home Defense" rounds.

In the Pussweiler Republic of OK, they may in fact be banned. But I bet you can buy them at your local Dick's, or gun store.

And, if not, I bet they can take care of ALL your drug and firearms/ammo needs at the Pi Kappa Alpha house, right there on campus.

Anonymous said...

During Tommy the Englishman's visit to the disgruntled colonies, he caught a show on the Discovery Channel called mythbusters...they tend to shoot a lot of stuff. Maybe you can send the Monitor experiment in as a task for the professionals?

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