Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My Dinner with Rick

Tonight....Dinner with Rick Santorum.

And then a talk.

I'll report tomorrow. People didn't bother Rove much.

Santorum may be another story.


Angus said...

what follows below (spelling and grammar errors and all) is from the comments on Mungowitz's letter to the Duke Chronicle saying Rove got a fair enough shake:


definition: impolite rude interrupting loud and radical speech that insults common sense and a schools reputation by excusing radical disruptive actions in a public forum"

now we know why the Group of 88 wont apologize

if we "mungerize" the 88, then they were PEREFCT in the way they drove and supported MOB ACTION...against innocents..obviously munger was asleep when he attended philosophy one lectures about what the truth is...and how it must apply in all instances

and we wonder how and why "philosophical marxism", the bain of christian founded universities like DUKE, has been able to find its way into the faculty ?

what kind of value system develops from "mungerism"...respect for opposing views ?
respect for academic setting ? respect for opponents ? respect for anything ?

the speech wasnt in a sports arena munger, it was in a lecture hall,

munger is an apologist for all that is wrong with Duke...except he wont apologize to the lacrosse players but instead the group of 88, his perfct surrogates

go to caracas munger ...they have a place for you at chavez university, where you can support the red flag

Michael Munger said...

I assumed that Angus was making this up.

I mean...."bain"?

(If it matters, I am a churchgoing Catholic. It may not matter, but just if it does, there are).

But, Angus is correct. This was actually posted. And I believe that it was not INTENDED as a joke.

There doesn't appear to be a "Chavez University." S/he may have meant Universidad Central de Venezuela, which is in Caracas. Except that UCV is a source of constant protests against the Hugo regime.

Anonymous said...

So what happened with Santorum? Did you get any on yourself (sorry, couldn't resist)?

Was he also speaking at Duke? Who's next? Rumsfeld? Cheney?