Sunday, December 23, 2007

New Tax on iPods

Canada proposes new taxes on iPods.

Story here.

Now, that's not the dumbest thing I have heard today. THIS is the dumbest thing
I have heard today. (Or maybe the best, I can't decide. The kid did a minute by minute blog of his "liberal arts" class. Which, to be fair, was a disaster. But the kids didn't start until the 8th class, and then quit after 13 classes, just quit).

An argument for NOT allowing students to have laptops in class. Or, maybe Canada should tax laptops, also. Even though the tax poses no penalty at the margin for the behavior apparently being deterred....

(Nod to RL)

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Anonymous said...

The taxes on MP3 players are not new. They attempted them a while back but they were eventually removed. Apparently they have returned, but on a whole new scale. They have been levying our CD/DVDs for a long time. The only good thing is that the Canadian version of the RIAA doesn't harass us over illegal downloading.

As it happens, I am writing this from Raleigh while on my Christmas vacation. So if you have any leftover Christmas ham, gimme a shout :)