Monday, December 24, 2007

Hair Harvest: Part III (The Finale)

Well it's ____-cuttin' time. As in hair.

Raquel takes the pigtails and severs them. All those months, gone in seconds.

Here are the hanks of hair, four of them, ready to go into the mailer.

I look a lot different. A little gray, in fact. The hair was still brown / blonde, down to the temples. But gray now.


Anonymous said...

Back to the sexy, manly Mungowitz we once knew

Tommy the Englishman

Anonymous said...

The wife and I think you look very distinguished, but the Meat Loaf look was perfect if you want to join us at Duran Duran reunion tour! Congrats on completing such a public effort (with humility along with a little humiliation) for such a noble cause.

Anonymous said...

That's it - I can't vote for you now without the dreads........

Anonymous said...

Actually, these are "locks of dread," even if not dreadlocks.

Anonymous said...

Inspiring . . . on many levels.


aka Anglico at BlueNC