Thursday, December 20, 2007

Small Kings: The Thing Itself

A story sweeping the internet, about the Icelandic woman who was mistreated by TSA and DHS. "What bad people!" is the conclusion we are supposed to draw.

I beg to disagree. This is not an anomaly. These are not bad people, no worse at least than your average worker in other fields.

The problem is the reliance on force and bureaucracy.

Do me a favor, please. Read this. Really, read it and let me know where I have got it wrong.

The problem is not the people. The THING! The thing itself is the abuse. Changing the people won't help.

(Nod to Mr. Overwater, who genuinely believes that good people would change things)


Angus said...

Well who wouldn't want to read something that has a url or "mungerthing.html"?

Actually, Mungowitz has hit this ball out of the park. And without taking any banned substances....

Anonymous said...


NOW you have the public choice right. Right-on. First thingy I make my students read in my rat choice class.

Though, get a more realistic is obscene!