Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy / Merry!

A fine merry Christmas from the Mungowitz compound!

Try to guess the name of the idiot not smiling and looking at the ceiling. That's right, that would be.... "Kevin"... click the pic, you'll see what I mean.

Also, about three seconds after this picture was taken, the tree fell over right on my wife's head, causing most excellent shrieking. (Yes, really). This is already my favorite xmas picture EVER. Oh, the memories of xmastime, with the family.


Anonymous said...

And to think they say that hair comes from the maternal side.

Shawn said...

...the boy's come a long way in the 'staring off look' in pictures. Excellent. He needs to add more pensiveness to the image, though...and I'd suggest a more profile view. Some would call for the hand-to-chin, but that's really just overkill.

Anonymous said...

Posing for an emo album cover maybe?

Anonymous said...

Kevin is trying to emulate Hitchcock? No, not that Hitchcock, the other one...Robyn: