Monday, December 03, 2007

My Dinner With Karl

Tonight, Karl Christian Rove (yes, that is his middle name!) will speak at Duke, in Page Auditorium. It's sold out, so no way to get seats at this point.

Then, a dinner with a few Duke folks, a few spouses, and Karl. Donna and I will be there.

It appears there may be arrests. (At the talk, not the dinner.) Should be interesting.

Some background.

Karl Rove

Protest planning, and some excellent Mungowitz bashing! Some of these folks have been sipping that Haterade for too long....

Duke Chronicle article today


Anonymous said...

Those comments on the BlueNC site persuaded me that this Gallup poll has uncovered a fundamental truth: they really are moonbats.

The "people's think tank" is to thought as the "People's Republic" is to republics.

SJT said...

Didn't you ever read Catch-22? A crazy person would never admit to being crazy, because admiting to being crazy is proof that you are, in fact, not crazy.