Sunday, December 16, 2007

Something For the Haterade Set

For all of you out there sipping your first Haterade-and-Gin of the day, trying to think what you can say about Duke the coming week....consider this. FIRE, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

That's green, folks. There aren't many GREEN schools. Duke is one of them.

Enjoy that Haterade. MMMMMMMmmmmmm, Haterade.

The point? You don't need to spend all that time doing arcane research on evil profs who aren't even at Duke any more. (Houston Baker went to Vanderbilt, and Grant Farred went to Cornell. But I hear about them at least once a week.)

Instead, the trolls of the world can redirect their manic energies toward a real battle, where a school near you has been shown by FIRE to have real speech codes, a real problem with repression.

I hope you get to see the new movie, Indoctrinate U. It has interviews with many of the most physically attractive professors in America.


Anonymous said...

This is the first time I have ever seen this website. I had no idea Duke is such a highly regarded campus in this matter, but it comes as no surprise now that I've looked up my previous college and saw a fair and factual representation of the censorship I noticed during my time there.

Good work, Duke.

Anonymous said...

And Kim Curtis? She still teaches at Duke right? In your Dept right?

By the way, I invite you to audit a class by Eduardo Bonilla Silva, a recent hire in the Soc Dept.

Then you can tell me what you think.

Are there places doing worse than Duke? Hell yes. Is that a good enough reason for not pointing out Duke's problems? Hell no.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the average quality of Duke, and whatever crap professors at other institutions get into, signing the "Listening Statement" was a uniquely egregious act, with uniquely undeniable proof of its wrongness. Therefore it's an act that deserves to follow anyone who did it for the rest of their careers.

And while other university administrations may be worse about free speech, evidence from previous occurances at Yale indicate that your fearful leader Brodhead is much more willing than average to throw individuals who should be under his protection, be they students or faculty, to the legal wolves for the sake of a momentary PR advantage.

Anonymous said...

"There aren't many GREEN schools. Duke is one of them." Oh, how low the bar is set for student freedom, expression, and treatment issues! A brief perusal of the FIRE website shows that its "Green" rating merely suggests that an institution's formal, written policies "nominally" protect student rights.

FIRE's rating guide implies that there is an important distinction between an institution's de jure policies and its de facto application of those policies.

How does Duke stack up in a de facto analysis of its student treatment PRACTICES? Perhaps we should poll the 2006 lacrosse team.

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