Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hair Harvest: Part II (The Pigtails)

Time for part II of the hair harvest bit.

If you missed part I, it's here.

Anyway, the ironing process is fairly lengthy. And it requires this:

The next thing is the forming of the fateful pigtails, which is the hair that
will be donated.

It's a nice look. Just imagine me with these pigtails, and a nice little cheerleader outfit. I could give Giuliani a run for his money, yes?


Shawn said...

the long hair coupled with the snakeskin coverall is key.

Anonymous said...

Tommy the Englishman says:

You know John Lennon's lock of hair went for $40,000. Do you think you could take a tiny hair and auction it on e-bay? Profits to cancer research, of course. I wouln't pay for it, but you never know.

Angus said...

Oh, Tommy. I think it's pretty clear you WOULD pay for it. 8=0

Anonymous said...

How do you know I don't already have some of it next to my bed?

After taking a few of Mungowitz's classes in grad school, my ideas usually had him pulling his hair out. It was precious.

Tommy the Englishman?

Chris Lawrence said...

That top photo looks scarily like James Brown's mugshot... except the Godfather of Soul was smiling.

Anonymous said...

Those are pony tails, not pigtails.

Anonymous said...

...*rolls eyes* Which ever kind of tails they are, it was a truly courageous and noble act, sir. You choose moral integrity over diginity - a difficult, if not impossible choice for most people (especially politicians).

You DO look significantly more professional without the 80's metal hair though...*grin*

You've got yourself another vote, my friend.

Kustom Kartoons said...


There really isn't much else to say besides:

OH MY!!!