Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My Dinner with Karl II

So, we had the Karl Rove talk, and the dinner afterward. My lovely wife even got to sit beside the man himself, which was pretty cool.

Raleigh N&O story

Duke Chronicle story

Duke Chromicle editorial

Best part of dinner: Karl described his reaction to the Correspondents' Dinner "MC Rove" roast. (If you didn't see it....)

Now, this dinner was off the record, and I am not claiming these are quotes. But Karl's basic description was that he was pissed off to be dragged up there (look at his face, on the clip!). But he asked himself, "Do I want to let them make a fool of me, or do I want to come off as a jerk?"

He went the fool route, and it makes me laugh. But he was right, it also makes people think more of him. Pretty funny.

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Shawn said...

pre dinner arrests?

and...what's rover drinking there? vodka tonic?