Monday, December 24, 2007

Wow I guess Venezuela really IS a rich country.... apparently no Venezuelan travels abroad with less than $800,000 in their luggage. On the heels of Guido Wilson in Argentina, now Venezuelan national Luis Klein has been apprehended in Boliva with 800 large in his bag "after a Venezuelan air force C-130 cargo plane took off without him when residents opposed to Venezuela's influence in Bolivia began throwing rocks at the aircraft."

What happened next you ask?

community activist Mario Aguilera said Klein then boarded a van headed for Guayadamerín, a town on the border with Brazil. But he was intercepted by protesters who noticed his uniform and followed him from the airport.

''The people wanted to lynch the Venezuelan when he was trying to escape in a van, but we took him to the police and we handed him over,'' Aguilera told El Nuevo Herald in a telephone interview.

''We cannot permit that this government is at the service of Don Hugo Chávez, and give them the green light to come in and disrespect our national dignity,'' he added.

I am definitely going to be on the lookout for Venezuelans with suitcases here in Norman, and I advise all of you to do the same in your home towns!


Anonymous said...

Now I'm pissed off. Where do I get my 800K for "travel expenses"?

Angus said...

lol, when you get it, bring it to Norman! We won't throw any rocks.

Anonymous said...

Norman's about the last place you want be flashing that kind of cash.

Adrian Peterson and his posse emptied the tip jar at Fat Sandwhich when the server's back was turned--- the same week he signed a 40 million dollar contract.

Better staple your back pocket shut you want to come around here.

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