Thursday, December 13, 2007

Separated at Birth?

As suggested by sharp-eyed reader NewBigPrinz....

Robyn Hitchcock

My son Kevin


Angus said...

Dude!! Robyn Hitchcock!! Groovy Decay (also released as Groovy Decoy). You should get the elder younger munger the whole Hitchcock catalog, especially: I often Dream of Trains, Black Snake/Diamond Role, Eye, Fegmania,and A can of Bees. Very cool stuff.

Anonymous said...

I recommend a good start on Mr Hitchcock solo stuff is the box set out on YepRoc entitled I Wanna Go Backwards. Includes Black Snake Diamond Role, I Often Dream of Trains, and Eye... all with extras and 2 additional CDs of extras entitled (with the shockingly pretentious title of) While Thatcher Mauled Britain Part 1 & 2. All for $35 this month. And free shipping.

And yes it is true, policemen do sing!

Also pick up the young man some Dave Alvin, Apples in stereo, and Chuck Prophet. All on sale too. He'll thank you for it...I think.

Angus said...

Can definitely second the Dave Alvin. I love the Blasters and his work with John Doe in the Knitters as well as his solo stuff.

Have seen him and Hitchcock at clubs quite a few times each. great shows.

Anonymous said...

Check this out: