Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hair Harvest: Part I (The Horror)

My wife had cancer in 2004. Five operations of varying severity. (Up to and including "severe"). She is fine now, thanks. Or, as fine as any cancer survivor can be.

In the wake of this horror, I resolved to embark on a path that might create
some small humor, but also be a symbolic homage to Donna's struggle. We
saw a lot of women with no hair, as they went through chemo and radiation.

I resolved to grow my hair out, and donate it to "Locks of Love." That organization creates
hairpieces for children whose hair follicles are severely damaged by chemical
treatments for disease, or by some disease itself.

So, to all of you who have wondered about, or openly mocked, my hair....that's why
I grew it out.

Anyway, it was finally long enough to harvest. I am going to post, over the next three days, installments that show the process of harvesting. Several of the photos are, I am sad to say, hilarious. But while you are laughing at me, laugh with me a little also. And let's try to find a cure for cancer in our own lifetimes, before those lifetimes are cut short. Breast cancer, in particular (and that is what my wife had) is an epidemic.

Now, let's have some fun....Installment I: The Horror

My hair had at this point been washed, and is being dried. You can get an idea of how long and curly it is.

After the drier...well, pictures are worth 1,000 words. Also worth hiding from the children.

Then I had to wait for a while. Racquel was busy. Sitting there, I made the day of several dozen women who walked by. They tried not to burst out laughing. Very few were successful. The reactions ranged from titters (most) to one rather large woman who had to lean over with her hands on her knees and whoop with laughter for several seconds. "Meat Loaf!" she wheezed. "You look just like Meat Loaf!" Thank you, ma'am, thank you.

Then, into the chair. Racquel began the ironing and straightening process. Flock of Seagulls, you got nothing on me.

Tomorrow: Installment II: Pigtails (Yes, pigtails)


Unknown said...

words fail me .......

Anonymous said...

Looks like a 40 year-old having a flashback to his high-school (70's era) prom picture.

Seriously, I took the opposite tack - when the Unknown Son had cancer (he's been in remission now for 3 years), I told him when he got out of the hospital that he and his sister could cliper my head down to the nubs so that I'd look like him. They loved it - Unknown Daughter (4 at the time) did most of the deed, and after the first few passes, my head looked like an aerial view of a lawn that'd been mowed by a drunk.

It's so comfortable I've kept it that way since. It might not be stylish, but who gives a rat's tump. She Who Must Be Obeyed calls it the "no hassle head" - no need for shampoo, conditioner, or any other metrosexual stuff, and immune to hat head. And it feels good on a hot summer day's bike ride.

Here's wishing A Very Merry Christmas to You and Yours.

Anonymous said... should send to hollywood after the writers strike...if you grow it out again, you'd clearly get a role as an extra in a B grade horror movie.

Seriously, Mike, congrats on the donation

Tommy the Englishman who is visiting the disgruntled colonies during Christmas.

Shawn said...

...all kinds of schweet.

I'd love to clip mine off, but my She Who Must Be Obeyed loves it this do random black women who will tell me in convenience stores/public that "[I] gots such pretty hair." So, at least for now, it stays this long. Sorry you're leaving the long-hair club, but what an awesome reason to do so!

Unknown said...

Samson, the problem, of course, is that regardless of the length of the hair, you still have the same face....

and may Delilah's and your new year be healthy and hearty

Anonymous said...

My 4 daughters and myself have all done this ... next year will be my third time ...

It's for a very worthy cause ...

When some folk try to give me grief about long hair, I either give 'em the actual explanation (Locks of Love) or I tell 'em that "Don't worry - if you ever manage to produce enough testosterone, you can grow longer hair, too" ...

More power to your elbow - whether you decide to grow another donation or not !

Unknown said...

Go man go! I am completely amped about your Gubenatorial campaign. Let me know how I can help up here in Alleghany/Ashe counties. And I'm truly sorry about making fun of your hair. Its a great cause.