Thursday, December 13, 2007

I survived the Oklahoma Icestorm of 2007!

(t-shirt forthcoming).

Wow. Me and Mrs. Angus have been refugees. No power for 3.5 days. Cold weather. About 15 trees on our property destroyed. No damage to house or dog though. Spent the first night sleeping in my office on my yoga mat (not too comfy), the next two with our friend Charlie (much much better). Back home now, grading finals and thinking about buying a chainsaw.


Shawn said...

...we probably have a chainsaw surplus here in florida, after our doomsday-that-wasn't hurricane season.

Glad you're alright!

Michael Munger said...

dude! Glad you made it.

Can 2T run on the ice? Or does he skid?

Angus said...

2t skids big time! He loves it though.

Simon Spero said...

That sort of thing that would never happen in Durham (oh wait, never mind).