Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Worst Guitar Solo--All Time

Whacking Day is moved by the Van Halen incident to reminisce.

Stairway to Nowhere: Check it out.

As Tex notes, the fact that the keyboard was NOT EVEN CONNECTED
to the TV feed didn't help. But the guitar solo. What was he doing?

Angus. can. play.
better. than. that.


Angus said...

Lol, better than that clip? Yes!!

Better than J. Page in general? No!!

Though to be fair, my guitar only has one neck!!

Anonymous said...

Two issues:

1. The keyboard clearly is connected to the TV feed. You can hear it, it's just quieter.

2. Saying that was "the most inept guitar solo of all time" proves that he has never seen Fred Durst's guitar solo.