Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Golden Rule

Tyler and I wrote a piece for Grantland.com on the NBA labor situation. The link is here.

Bill Simmons approached Tyler and he magnanimously cut me in on the deal.

Simmons also asked us to write an introductory paragraph about ourselves and our connection to basketball. This is what we wrote:

Tyler and Kevin are academic economists who share a love of basketball. For years they held Washington Bullets season tickets, trekking from suburban Virginia to the Cap Centre. Their all-time favorite Bullet is Rex Chapman. Now cruelly separated by geography, Kevin is an OKC Thunder ticket-holder, while Tyler anxiously awaits the return of a professional basketball franchise to the DC area.

Sadly, what ended up appearing in the article was this:

Tyler Cowen and Kevin Grier are both economists. They are also both basketball fans. Here's their take on the NBA lockout.

Sorry Rex!!!!


Gerardo said...

Because Lord knows Bill Simmons is parsimonious with words.

Anshuman Sinha said...

LOL! Seriously.. I can't understand why Simmons cut that paragraph. It would've warmed up the average reader to you guys.

Anonymous said...

Simmons sucks, that's why.

Pelsmin said...

Takes me back to David Letterman's funny comment (it's been years) about your team. "The Washington Bullets have decided to change the team's name, because it's too associated with gun violence. From now on, they're just going to be known as the Bullets."

John Thacker said...

Speaking of the NBA, how about your guy Kevin Durant playing flag football at OK State after tweeting looking for a game?

Barnacle Bill said...

I read Tyler's "Discover Your Inner Economist" book & liked it a lot...nice to see you're working with him!